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The “casting a wide net” approach

Wowwwzers Walmart harahan – m4w – 26 (Walmart harahan 11 oclock hr)

Wow, I was just in walmart on my lunch break at eleven oclock. Blk guy, business casual. And seen some very very very beautiful women there. White and black. If anybody was there at that time send me a msg and lets connect!


Either this guy has no standards or the America’s Next Top Model contestants had some sort of challenge where they were given $25 and 10 minutes to buy outfits at Walmart. “Wowwwzers.” Isn’t that what Inspector Gadget says? Lol. This craigslist post will self-destruct. Go go Gadget…


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  1. I am totally addicted to these…so no worries, ton to come. 🙂

  2. i LOVE this. on par with similar addictions textsfromlastnight, awkwardfamilyphotos, fml, etc. please continue!


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