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I like this guy…

Stunning…. – m4w (Queensbury Walmart)

Hmm….I’ve never done this and do not expect a response. But I feel compelled to tell the World Wide Web that I saw the most stunning woman at Walmart. (It sounds like the beginning to a very poor novel, yes?) Like a scene from Seinfeld we did a bit of a cart-dance as we headed towards eachother in the condiments isle. (I’m not sure if it was the condiments isle, but it would be if Jerry or Elaine were in the scene.) We happened to leave at the same time and, true to the comedic episode that I’m penning here, I passed you as you got into your Benz and I schlepped my goods into my (very clean!) bare-bones Toyota.

I would high-five the man in your life if I had the chance. He. Is. Lucky.


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