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Walmart + Parking Lot = Crazy

you caught me at walmart. your so crazy – m4w – 33 (huber heights)

This was the most crazy moment i have ever been a part of.
I was a walmart in the parking lot. I was just out of work. I had to pee so bad. I started urinating in between two cars when u caught me.

This is were it got weird!!. You started laughing then you ran up to me and started high fiving my urine stream. I was in shock. Then you start running back and forth through it like it was a sprinkler. What the hell is wrong with you? You were a pretty, thirtyish white women. You ran off and said a famous line from a tv cartoon. I cant stop thinking of you.

What did u say when you ran off.

I wanna take care of you

Posted: November 2013


cant be real


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