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Spider Position

They all suck! – m4w – 27 (Hillsdale)

Date: 2012-06-01, 1:11 AM EDT

I know you’ll never read this since “The personals on Craigslist are for hookers!”

Since I know you won’t see this I feel comfortable in stating two things…

1. I still despise you. When I saw you at the beach I…whatever. You’re a wench! And your new “friend” is older than I am! Perhaps he should not be dressed like a member of the Wu-Tang Clan!

2. I’ve yet to find a woman good enough in bed to even come close to your performances. It’s seriously bothering me, too! I actually found myself fantasizing about you last night while screwing a woman I met at Wal-Mart. Worse part was I tried getting her into your “Spider Position” and…nevermind.

So. in closing I’m still mad you screwed me over and hope your vagina develops blisters, and your breasts give you back problems! I’m also angry that no woman is as good in the sack as you…

Screw it. I need sleep and to sober up a bit.


spider position2



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