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I’ve had a bit of an obsession with craigslist missed connections for a while now.  I’d pop in and read them when I needed a smile.  After a while, I found that the Walmart missed connections were…special.  There are fantastic missed connections that occur in other nation-wide retail stores – and I mean fantastic.  But, Walmart consistently performs above the rest in irony, humor, satisfaction in being able to judge from afar, and keeping in touch with how the English language is evolving.  That store is just a magical place.  Where magical things happen.  And Walmart shoppers are only looking for what we are all looking for.  Love.  Or, a quick blowjob in the bathroom.  Either one seems to be fine for most posters.

So, I’ve created what craigslist Walmart missed connections deserve – their very own place on the interwebs where they can be kept, observed…possibly studied…but most of all, enjoyed.


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