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Mr. Strictly Business

Mr. Strictly Business??? – w4m – 39 (Costco)

i was buying groceries in costco. i saw you mumbling near the huge cans of nacho cheese and didnt think much of it. i heard you utter ‘la prophecia…’ as you whipped your head towards me. soon a bunch of discount doorknobs distracted u and you started sucking them off really loudly for a few moments. i coughed and tried to walk away. you yelled something at me in what sounded like a dead, fantasy language and rushed towards me. the words echoed a strange power. “What used to be here?” you yelled. I nearly fainted. “Before this was built, what was here?” I mentioned to you that it was just an old, dusty lot.

‘horny dust angels,’ you muttered and a bunch of beautiful golden runes sprung up out of the floor. it looked like lord of the rings. after a few moments u demanded me to undress.

i was a little embarassed about my c-section scars but i lifted up my sun dress as you began to work me over with strange dildos

“they call me Mr. Strictly Business. And I assure you, this all business.” you whispered. “But, ironically, my business IS pleasure.”   as the strange runes dissipated i fell asleep. i woke up with a signed headshot of u in my purse. also the dildo i keep in my purse was broken along with a note ‘low quality/bad’

who are you


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Goat Tee

San Benardion Costco Worker – m4w – 43 (Colton)

Hey I know this is a complete longshot but sometimes they come in LOL okay it was today March 17th around 10AM You help box items at the check out line I wanted to go in your line but I got pulled into the one next to you and we saw eachother and said Hello and Good morning I really would like to ask you out for a date I think I will the next time we meet but you might see this I have very short allmost shaved blonde hair and a goat tee I wore a jacket today because of the rain well I hope this finds you or someone who might know who im talking about and works for this costco lead her to this post please



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