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That’s what she said

We say hi to each other – m4w (Fernley Walmart)

We usually say hi to each other. I asked how you were , and you said “good”. I wanted to say ‘I’ll bet”, or “I’m sure you are”, but I have a hard time saying those suggestive kinds of things to cute girls.
I often think about you, do you think of me?

You work there, I’m a customer.

Tell me what department you usually work in.


No…it’s good you don’t say things like that. Don’t ever say things like that.

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Just a tip for the guys…

WALMART- Turkey Creek- Monday night (3/19) about 10 – m4w – 34 (Kmoxville)

You have long red-colored hair that appears to be artificially colored. You had a nose ring and were wearing a short skirt or shorts with little flowers all over them and what appeared to be black boots. You were with the guy with a bushy beard who was WAY too ugly for you. He couldn’t keep his hands off you and I don’t blame him. I was just imagining it was me… I was the tall guy who you passed a couple of times with the blue shirt and c ap and we traded a few long glances. You were the stunningly beautiful and had a sexy energy about you. Please get back to me and lets talk…….


…don’t call out the dye job.

Dating don’ts: Don’t ever date anyone who brings the cart back…

Beauty in a Brown Dress – m4w – 42 (Keamoku Walmart)

We made eye contact and exchanged smiles on Saturday night. I just wanted to let you know you have a beautiful smile 🙂 Also noticed you took your cart all the way back to the return, so unlike the norm. Another plus by me 😉 I can only hope to run into you again. Keep smiling!


…they are controlling, OCD, future stalkers of you.

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P.S. Bring Grandma!

Walmart – Girl pushing grandma in WheelChair (BIG BOOBS) – m4w – 24 (Baseline/Stapley)

You looked hot as hell!!! I would love to have some fun with you! you were pushing your grandma in her wheelchair at walmart! We looked at each other at the front of the store!

what was I wearing and what were you wearing?


Dating advice: “BIG BOOBS” – That’s the kinda thing you should just think in your head.

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