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Ode to Angel on Isle 9

you deserve the best of everything – m4w – 40 (north texas)

Date: 2012-07-02, 8:56AM CDT
Look in the mirror and tell me what do u see..strikingly beautiful with a smile that creases,
The hearts of many men the various places you frequent. Im aimlessly shopping walmart isles in disbelief when;
The effects of your vanity, caused a reaction.
Maybe its the man in me, that silent attraction.
You look, i look back. Its obvious your alone by the items in your basket.
Acknowledge your presence with a smile so innocent. Its as if we were one in a prior life and our reconnection is eminant. If theres a man in your life, then he better hold on to;
An angel on isle 9 the kind i’d long to come home too! Ill push that cart and get everything you want boo.
Ill worship your every angle and do everything he wont do!
Now if i wasnt so smitten, i would have followed thru wit my plan, but abruptly
i left, your admirer forever, mr. Tall dark and handsome…





STOCKER AT SIGNAL WAL-MART – m4m – 30 (Signal Mtn Wal Mart)
Date: 2012-07-09, 12:24AM EDT
Reply to:

You werestocking the candy isle tonight, look to be about 5’11” had on a cap….. you seemed to like to show off a little crack….. if you wanna get together send me an email and describe your cap to me…. would love to see you again.

 • Location: Signal Mtn Wal Mart
 • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

stocking krackle

Bun Grabber in the Bread Aisle

in the bread aisle at walmart – m4w – 22 (walmart in garden city)

I saw you last night and your eyes sparkler in the florescent light in the bread isle. Your booty was bumpin and those titties were popping. I accidentally grabbed your butt, accidentally. you slapped my face and left a mark. I hope it never fades. you are my one and only.
love bun grabber in the bread aisle

• Location: walmart in garden city
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 3664502134        Posted: 2013-03-07, 12:43AM MST

bun grabber in the bread aisle

I like this guy…

Stunning…. – m4w (Queensbury Walmart)

Hmm….I’ve never done this and do not expect a response. But I feel compelled to tell the World Wide Web that I saw the most stunning woman at Walmart. (It sounds like the beginning to a very poor novel, yes?) Like a scene from Seinfeld we did a bit of a cart-dance as we headed towards eachother in the condiments isle. (I’m not sure if it was the condiments isle, but it would be if Jerry or Elaine were in the scene.) We happened to leave at the same time and, true to the comedic episode that I’m penning here, I passed you as you got into your Benz and I schlepped my goods into my (very clean!) bare-bones Toyota.

I would high-five the man in your life if I had the chance. He. Is. Lucky.


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Wherefore art thou Walmart Girl?

walmart girl! – m4w – 22 (kennewick walmart)

Casually entering the store, on a mission to find replacement shoe laces (damn dogs, always chewing up my laces!) I discovered a rare item in the tri cities… a beautiful woman. While strolling down an isle and pretending like i knew which section i was in, i happened to chance a look up. There, about 50 feet away, was her and her friend briskly floating down towards me. Should i play Joe cool? Should I say hello? INHALE! SUCK IN THAT GUT! She was nearly upon me (in my mind). In reality she was however getting closer. I chanced a nod, maybe a half smile. I have yet to feel out the vibe of the town as i had just moved here mere hours earlier. Oh Walmart girl… sigh… I continued on my search. Nope, wrong isle. Nope, wrong isle. Nope. Nope. Nopenopenope. Gasp! there she was again! Our eyes met with a strange awkwardness not alien to my senses. Continue search… Ah hah! Shoes… Shoes… Shoe polish… Shoe laces- and the correct size! Oh joyous day! I thought to myself i could also use a little whole grain in my life and heading to the bread section. Moments later, she revealed herself yet again, and again the strange flirtatious high school stare was shared between us for a moment… a flash in a pan. I decided i had experienced all this Walmart had to offer and headed for the checkout. While engaging in awkward small talk (so much awkwardness today!) with the cashier, i laid eyes upon the young lass whom I had grown to know as Walmart girl for a final time before exiting the premises. I hope we share future awkward glances and i hope you can read… Oh Walmart girl


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Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Out of all the things in craigslist missed connections that I could be offended by, this is the pet peeve I just can’t shake off? I guess so…


the hott black lady in walmart – m4w (hall rd)

It was Thursday morning 600am you were pushing a cart and we were down the same isle more then once I know you caught me looking at you........ if you see this and remember what type of shirt was I wearing...... thank you for making my day

Walmart (Sunday) – m4w (Moses Lake)

I was in the pet food were waking down the main stopped and were taking to your son maybe? I walked out into the main isle..we made eye contact. I have seen you around town a few times the last few years. Just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Walmart in Murphy – m4w – 27 (Murphy)

You were at the Murphy wal-mart last night around 8:30-9:00. You were definitely older than me and I believe you were there with your daughter. I felt like we were both checking each other out and you may have followed me into the cereal isle. Hopefully I'm not crazy and making this up in my head... but you're cute and I'm interested in talking to you. Let me know what I was wearing..or some obvious physical feature about me if you find this and email me.

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I’ve heard the islands are great this time of year.

red head at walmart in reh on sunday – m4w – 38 (rehobeth)

I'm taking a chance that maybe you see this.  I was the single father of a little girl in the cereal isle.  You were in jeans and a blue long sleeve shirt.  Just wanted to say wow what a beautiful woman.

Walmart Howell – m4m – 25 (Howell)

White Guy wearing pajama pants around 10pm in Walmart !!! We kept running into each other on different isles. I couldn't stop looking at the outline through the pajamas

Passing in Walmart – m4w (Chester)

Walmart in Chester around 7:30 PM Sat. 3-24-12 - You long Brunette hair (not x-tra long) me 5'-11" 160lbs salt & pepper hair jeans & dark blue tee. We passed once in back isle of store and again in isle between clothes and groceries. There was a glance and head turn with a smile by both of us each time and I would not mind another glance if you would like one as well.

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