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I Rebuke You in the Name of Jesus – m4m – 27 (TARC #23)

Date: 2012-04-07, 5:07PM EDT
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Today we got on the #23 bus together at around 2:00pm at Broadway and 4th (right in front of The Brown Hotel). There was an overweight black lady in the back who had been screaming at the bus driver. Before pulling out from our bus stop, the driver walked back there and told her, “I’m going to need you to get off of this bus, ma’am,” to which the lady screamed, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” The mental lady exited the bus and walked east on Broadway.
The bus driver quietly said, “I rebuke you, too” under her breath and continued driving.

You were sitting beside me at this point, reading The Bourne Ultimatum in paperback. You were on chapter 2 or 3.
As the bus traveled on, some older guys in the back commented on how this lady had spit on the back of their necks and how she had been singing. There was a minor argument amongst the passengers as to whether she could “sing good” or “not good.” Shortly thereafter, two old men right behind us began talking loudly about a third old man’s funeral which had been earlier in the day.
A fat white man with a bouquet of orange and white carnations began giving flowers out to other men for their wives. I thought to myself, “What is wrong with these people today?” You tried to quietly read your book while I tried to quietly picture you naked.
You are small-framed, sandy-blond or light brown hair, and hot. You’re no more than 28 years old. I am an average fat white manskank, but on the inside I’m a princess. I’m no more than 260 pounds.
If you want to rebuke me in the name of Jesus, respond something about me and this trip, and I’ll gladly let you. Sorry I didn’t approach you today, but I didn’t want to get punched, and besides–it’s not like we could have fucked on the bus, anyway.
God bless!

rebuke you in the name of jesus


This post just gives me an excuse to watch this video

eastside walmart guy with tats… – w4m – 27 (eastside sf)

I was in my sport suv about 12:10 am smoking a cig n listening to big Jesus while texting. You were next to me. You were checking me out but by the time I looked over I got distracted by your tattoo sleeves and caught your attention with a smile. U had a gold 4 door car and a bitchin goatee. If u see this lemme know what color my truck and sweater was....I'm definately interested.