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Let’s hear it for the MILFS!

Walmart in Livonia, you are a hot mom – m4w (Walmart on 7mile & middlebelt)

We were both standing around the 5 dollar movie bin at Walmart, you were with another woman. Not to sound like an ass hole, but you are a total milf, and if you want to hook up, just send me an email.

Blond milf broadway Walmart – m4w – 32 (Garland)

Well here goes a long shot. You were getting out of your car and had the radio jamming some good rock. I was getting into my blue car(6', grey shirt, young, fit)and we made eye contact. You had short blond hair with some red in the back. Nice body!! I would love for you to be my first milf, hope to hear from you!

Hillsboro Walmart – m4w (Hillsboro)

Older MILF. Saw you yesterday with short shorts in grocery section. Your body was rockin. Wanted to approach you, but you seemed preoccupied . Saw you first near bakery, later picking out meat and then down an aisle. Contact me if you are DTF and tell me the color of your shorts so I will know it was you.


Or let you bite it off with your sexy cougar teeth

SEXY milf at Walmart by wolfchase mall – m4w – 22 (Walmart on stage near wolfchase mall)

DAMN! Saw you checking out at Walmart a few min ago in line 15, and you're the only reason I stayed at register 15! I was the young white guy behind you and walked out by you as we were leaving. Looked fine as hell in your dark grey fitness pants and dark grey/black long sleeve shirt. Had some very sexy feet and toes, painted black in your black flip flops! You seeing this would be like finding a needle in a haystack but here's hoping lol. Tell me what I had on OR the kind of car you drive. I would cut off my left arm to meet up with you to have some fun. Hope to hear from you 😉


I hope this wasn’t Aron Ralston. (He cut off his right arm…so then he’d have…no…arms… He was the guy in 127 Hours.)

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