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Lost in Translation

Walmart (washington BLVD) – m4w (Baltimore

Date: 2012-05-13, 8:12PM EDT

I met you in the counter around 7:30pm today, you are the counter 2 and I’m in 1. White beautiful woman with pink shirt and wears mini brown short. Our eyes meet for like 3/4 times. I was about to say “hi” to you but I don’t know how to approach ^_^. I’m asian guy as you think. I posted this because I’m wondering if I can call you and more. If it is you, please tell me my shirt color so that I would know that it’s really you. You diffidently catches my attention and I can marry you now the next morning.

i can marry you now the next morning


I wonder what word he was going for

Walmart pawnee broadway – m4w – 20 (Ict)

I was walking around wall mart and I seen you the most beautiful woman in the world you walking around by yourself doing who knows what
And I got over look at those beautiful eyes im honestly a huge but man but their was just something about your eyes that just raised my spirit and made my heart skip a beat all st the same tim ande I didn't want to bother yuh because I had no clue if you were wih someone do I just let it be and now I'm hoping for the best you had brown our black hair you were wearing t shirt and a pair of jeans just looked amazing to me I hope to heart from you soon mi reina
This big guy ashtray misses you big time

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This needs to be archived in some history of the English language museum

Marion Walmart after midnight – w4m – 18 (Marion IL)

Aye... Umm I just got back to the crib from walmart and umm I'm bored nd not as hyper and figga I'd let you know ur sexcii as Fawk... U was tall and had dreads with a white shirt on... My grl said she was gon yell my number out when you got outside but you got in a car wit like 4 females nd i told her azz she bettr not... But neways... If you see dis the hyper azz girl in walmart thinks u sexcii lmao 🙂

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fly b*tch in walmart? – mm4w – 22 (maryville) i wuz at da walmart friday juz shoppen aroun for a few thangz, ya kno, since i got my chec well it was about 12:45 near da electronicz section..a big booty female was n my presence, she was about 5’6, white skin..GREAT BLONDE WEAVE not gonna lie, she made a nigga lyke me say DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN under my breath. def not a chick ud see in dis town 4sho. exotic model type, ya digg? hahah maybe u was on vacation or sum shit….. wel i looked into yo eyes shawty didnt see me i guess:[[ i tried to holla and you turned around and smiled but den you jus walked away?WTF WHY YOU TEASIN MAMA? dont play hard 2 get

if you happen to see dis, reply an let me know what color nikes i was wearin.. (i kn ow you admired my footwork shawty. AYE )

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