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Sounds Like Her Salad’s Already Been Spritzed

Wal-Mart Cashier – — – Pregnant – m4w – 35

Date: 2012-04-21, 5:39PM CDT
Reply to:

You checked me out, and commented on my salad spritzers.
You are pregnant, name is —.
I am interested.



I had a missed connection with your ass

perfect booty at walmart – m4w – 29 (la cholla)

Date: 2012-06-20, 1:43PM MST
Reply to:

Literally perfect booty.
Idk if the pregnancy makes ur booty that juicy
Or the produce u and your son were shopping for.
either way id like to find out.
you had grey sweat pants, striped tank, glasses and short hair

I had a missed connection with your ass.
I hope ur bored on CL and check this


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hot pregnant at southside walmart – m4w – 31 (midland)

to the hot pregnant girl walking into the southside walmart are beautiful and i want to see were with your friend and i know yall saw me be into your friend as well..shes hot but i have a fetish for preggos...hope you see this

Pregnant cashier at Walmart – m4w – 41 (Morton)

I was getting some glue today at the u-scan lines at 5:00. You helped me out. I'd love to help you out, you're really cute. Didn't see a ring so hopefully you're available. Put your hair color in the subject line so I know it's you.

Wilma Rudolph Walmart – m4w – 27

I know nothing ever comes from these things. But the pregnant female at Walmart was absolutely gorgeous. I made eye contact once or twice but couldn't speak because of obvious reasons. Just wanted to put that out there.

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Bummer. :( But still…

Walmart – m4w – 30

I saw you at Walmart on Saturday. Been thinking about you since. I passed you twice. You smiled at me both times. The second time I passed you I looked and didnt see any rings. I looked because you were pregnant. 😦 But still you were really cute. I am sure there is no chance of you seeing this and even less chance that you are single. But it was worth a shot. Reply to me with Wally world as the title. Hope to see you again sometime. And good luck

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