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You can return those?

Asian girl at Walmart Wednesday Night…I’m the Tall Indian 🙂 – m4w – 26 (Jonesboro, AR)

You were beautiful and we passed each other through mostly all the aisles lol. We ended up last seeing each other when I came back in to return my floss pik…
LETS GO HAVE DINNER!!! if you’re not married or have a boy-friend (: O)

you can return those


A very sophisticated sweater

Sexy higher-up at the Ozark Walmart – w4m – 45 (Ozark)

Obviously you are someone important at Walmart. You walk around with a certain sense of authority that I just find irresistible. I don’t want to embarrass you so I won’t mention your name, but you were wearing a very sophisticated sweater on Friday that just shouts culture. I hope to run into you very soon…you’ll know me when you see me. 😉


I can’t even tell you how badly I want to see this sweater. I really, really want to see this sweater.

Check for feet next time

The Walmart Bathroom – w4w – 19 (Ozark Walmart)

To the woman who didn’t realize that anyone else was in the bathroom:   Your three shamelessly belted verses of “Party in the USA” were greatly appreciated. It pretty much made my day. Or maybe my life. Who knows?
You are so talented that I think you should hold these concerts in public restrooms regularly.
I’m sorry for embarrassing the crap out of you whenever I flushed and you realized I was there. I’m also sorry to have cut the song short. You were just about to get to the good part.
I’ll be sure to ask for your autograph next time, that is, if I can push past the raging crowds of paparazzi.

With Great Love and Admiration,
Your Adoring Fan, in the stall to your right.
(PS: Check for feet next time.)

Ladies? Sector?

Last Saturday 3/17 Walmart NLR – m4w – 50 (Central AR)

We saw each other 1st. as both entered the store and then in the ladies section, then in electronics and finally the grocery sector , you had giant curls in your hair we spoke and made eye contact several times , please i know this is a chance but get of hold of me.


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Is it just me or does it sound like this guy is following her all over the store? And who says “ladies” and “sector?” I think he’s an alien trying to act like a normal human.