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It’s BODY spray!

I’m looking for you 😦 – m4w – 25 (everywhere!!! )

We met at walmart on old national hwy. I was really feeling you and you definitely seemed to be feeling me. I’ve never met a woman so straight forward as you. You complimented my smile and the Cologne I was wearing and I corrected you saying that it was actually body spray. You leaned in and ran your nose along my neck as I felt your hands clinch my jacket. I tilted my head towards yours to feel your soft curly hair and OMG you smelled soooooo good. I felt like we were having one of those instant connection moments like in those romantic movies. I wanted to put my arms around you and just pull you in close to me and hold you and take you into my senses. You whispered something in my ear and I kinda nervously laughed it off. Then i whispered something back to you and you moaned out into my ear. You gave me your number but my phone rebooted and I lost your number. *pounding myself in the forehead*!!!! If you read this (which is probably a 1 in a trillion chance) then shoot me an email telling me what we said to each other, the name of the body spray I was wearing and the color of my jacket which you said was your favorite color. Or just one of them will do lol God I hope you see this.

• Location: everywhere!!!
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posted: 2013-02-07, 8:53AM EST


bodyspray cologne


I were getting caught up in semantics

Griffin Wal Mart – m4w – 21 (Griffin, Ga)

You were wearing a green shirt. You asked me if I were having fun at work. I was going to ask for your number, but I’m ridiculously shy around people I’ve not met. Well, I guess that technically means I WASN’T going to ask, but, you know what I mean.

you know what i mean

And I Cannot Lie

bubble butt – m4w – 24 (Habersham walmart)

You bumped into my cart BC you were looking at something in the novelty sections and apologized telling me your big ole booty gets in the way a lot so I had to take a peek and you are right it is big ;).Anyway if this is you and you want to chat hit me up.

• Location: Habersham walmart
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posted: 2013-03-17, 1:00AM EDT

and i can not lie

Kinda a big “if”


Walmart Eastwest Connector – m4m – 34 (Atlanta)

Date: 2012-04-23, 6:28PM EDT
Reply to:

Damn bruh i was in the self checkout when i spoted u coming out of macdonalds abpot 520 pm monday 4/23/12!!, u had on a walmart badge so u work in walmart u were talkin on your cell phone and walked toward the back.. ure brown skin increibly beautiful to be a dude bruh and uve got longhair in a pony tail and nice full lips .. nice butt too…. im curious if ud like to get up and mayb go shoot some pool or hit dave and busters or a sports bar .. id like to ge toknow u and possibly see about friendship or the kinda things that would make make u show that incredible smile .. im a black brutha o key bi dude that likes to chill and have fun for the most part but hit me up wit a number if this is u and ure koolwitgettin 2know a great guy for friendship or more if ure feeling it but im the kinda man that would treat u right reguardless.. i wanted to get out of line to holla at u but respecting that thats your work place andlively hood im better than that bruh plus im not all out let me know..

How do Tuesday afternoons look for you?

slim blk female cashier Zebulon Rd Walmart – m4w – 49 (Macon)

You were the slim black female cashier that checked me out through the garden dept on Wednesday afternoon April 4. I was the older white heavy male and made a remark about you being 20 and you said 35. I was shopping there with a friend. You are a beautiful lady. I would enjoy pleasing you orally on a weekly basis long term. If interested lets exchange thoughts.

Don’t approach me in public. I’m waiting for you here.

I keep missing you! – m4w (Savannah)

Everywhere I go, I scan my surroundings and wonder if someone is secretly plotting a CL missed connection post for me.

“We locked eyes briefly at the CVS as you were picking out Gas-X. You smiled at me so innocently. If this is you tell me what I was wearing”


I drive down the road and look in all the cars and then come home to check CL to see if anyone missed a connection with the “cute guy in gray car going towards the Walmart on Montgomery Crossroads, you eyeballed me and picked your nose. I want you to call me.”

Still nothing.

I get up every day, shower, get dressed and go out just so someone can miss a connection and look for me on CL.

Don’t approach me in public.

I’m waiting for you here.