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Worst. Breakup. Ever.

Walmart cutie – m4w – 21 (overland dr walmart)

Probably a long shot but I saw you in Walmart tonight around 10:20 pm. You were really cute, and you had just gotten a call from your (now) ex boyfriend, who was breaking up with you. You deserve so much better. Anyways, if you happen to read this, hit me up. I was standing in the sodaaisle about 20 feet away.

• Location: overland dr walmart
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posted: 2013-03-16, 12:14AM MDT

worst break up ever


Bright yellow spandex

Died hair sundress with bright yellow spandex friend – m4w – 23 (Moscow-Walmart)

Date: 2012-06-22, 5:49AM PDT
Reply to:

I saw you walking into Wall-mart yesterday (21st) at around 1:45 p.m. You had died hair in a flowery sun dress with a friend wearing bright yellow spandex. You looked amazing, don’t think you saw me but I would love to meet up sometime if you read this. Hope to hear from you.

These guys are chill. Either one is fine with them.

Blue skirt and friend In jeans and heels. – m4w – 32 (State street Walmart)

I spotted you in the Walmart near checkout, I have to say you and your friend were both lookin pretty good. But that blue skirt is what caught my eye. Hope you see this, shoot me an email if you do. Your friend and I made eye contact, either of you can feel free to say hi. I saw you around 1:30 or so

The two at Walmart – m4w – 20 (walmart)

You1: redhead ~5ft4
You2: dark hair ~5ft 6
both indark clothes

6ft 4
blue tshirt
black work pants

You two were together shopping in the produce section, one was a redhead the other had dark hair. I noticed you both looking at me while me and made a few trips back. I sould have said hi or something but i was with my cousins at the time. i also sa you look back frm the check out line to see if you culd see me before you left.

York PA – m4w – 20 (SJ)

You were at walmart and you said you just got out of a bad relationship with someone in york pa i wish i would have got you or your friends number you were both very attractive hit me up if you see this

I know a lot about fish

The 2 girls I talked to about fish at Walmart – m4w (Overland rd)

I don't know if you will ever see this but I wanted to post this in hopes you would.
I saw you ladies Wednesday at the overland Walmart you two were asking about
Your store fish and I was helping you with my brother I thought the two of you were
Very gorgeous and would have talked to you more but my shyness kicked in (sounds lame lol)
But it's true lol if you would like to talk more let me know I can help with more fish questions if you'd like
Well hope to hear from you


Yes, I’m sure that once he’s impressed her with his knowledge of fish tank maintenance, ph levels, water filtration, different types and uses of aquarium plants, gravel choices, ich, and fin rot, he’ll have her…hooked.