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Southside Wild Berry Gummy Saver Thief

Southside Gummy Saver Thief – w4m – 24 (Southside)

I know you’re out there, and I know there’s only one of you. Not that many people like Wild Berry Gummy Savers enough to clean EVERY STORE ON THE SOUTH SIDE out of them.

This is just a friendly reminder that some other people (or one other person, AKA me) likes those delicious gummy candies just as much as you do. Perhaps even more. I haven’t caught up to you yet, but we will eventually meet in the candy aisle. Maybe it will be at Walmart on Keystone. Maybe it will be at K-Mart on Madison. Maybe it will be at one of the many CVS stores I’ve been to in the last few weeks.
So the next time you’re hoarding all the gummies…remember that someone else out there loves them. At least toss a pouch or two behind an oversized bag of York Peppermint Patties or SOMETHING. You know, so I can find them later.

• Location: Southside
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posted: 2013-02-07, 3:22PM EST

Southside Wild Berry Gummy Saver Thief



cought my eye walmart – m4w – 56 (wabash in)

my only means of meeting ( it seems ) are the one time glance we make in an isle while shopping . I like to walk around the indoor walking track that is walmart here in Wabash . besides there is always something I can use , I catch a smile. and would love to stop and chat?

• Location: wabash in
• it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 3656165344       Posted: 2013-03-03, 1:23PM EST

creepy cat photo

Creepy Cat Photo4 Creepy Cat Photo3 Creepy Cat Photo2 Creepy Cat Photo1

He’s stalked all of them, so he knows of what he speaks

Indian girl with dark green/gray Honda Accord in columbus – m4w – 26 (Columbus, IN)

I have you seen you at Kroger & Wal Mart on numerous occasions. You drive a dark green/gray Honda Accord, and always have on a skirt and a sexy pair of high heel shoes. You are very cute, and are probably the sexiest desi girl in Columbus. (P.S. a couple days ago you bought a black bra from Walmart). I’d love to chat with you.


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What is up with those plastic prisons?!

WalMart – Black dress/yellow sweater – m4w – 52 (WalMart – N. Keystone)

When you first walked into the store and tried to pull a cart away from the rest, it was stuck and I offered to help. We then saw each other a few times while shopping, and while I was checking out, you were right behind me in line and we chatted about reading People while in line, and about the fact that the cashier had to go find someone in order to release my printer ink from its plastic prison!!! You are incredibly pretty with a great smile, glasses, very professional – I am a professional also, but on this particular evening I looked like a slob because I had been working in the yard all day and was on my way to the gym, so please excuse my appearance – I do clean up!!! You are probably married or whatever, and I was too chicken to ask, so here goes nothing! Maybe thru the vagaries of the universe, you will somehow read this – ha!!!


Pretty girl w/ blue eyes at Walmart – m4w – 39 (Brownsburg Walmart)

I asked you if you knew where I could find a picknic basket and I said it was for my wife. As soon as I said I knew I should have because I wanted to ask you out. Yes, I still have a wife, but we are getting divorced and I accidentaly ran over her picnic basket with wine in it, so I was just replacing what I had broken. Afterwords, I couldn’t get you out of my mind, so I looked around the store but never saw you again. So, if you happen to read this I would like to talk, meet up for dinner or drinks.