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Buying off brand soda & paying with change…

walmart on manhattan Blvd. – m4m

Last Night and it was closing time. You were behind me in line checking out you have long hair and you were buying off brand 2 liter of soda and payed with change, We exchanged glances a few times. You are a very good looking guy. If you happen to see this and if interested hit me up and tell what color hoodie I had on so I know it is you.


He is The Most Interesting Man in the World.



P.S. Say hi to the little guy for me.

Dude from fernando’s – m4m – 28 (Marksville, La)

Ok so this is really going to be a long shot, but I'll try this anyway. I met u at the Walmart in Marksville a few years back (if u even remember ha ha). I seen u at first when u were in the parking lot walking in. U seem to have a Hispanic look to u, the dark hair, a dark complexion and u were very nicely built. There was a smaller guy with u. When u were checking out at the 20 items or less checkout, I passed down the checkout isle to see if ud look my way and u did, several times. I was waiting by the entrance with my family when u and the little guy were walking out and u gave me several glances and smiles again. I think u were working at Fernando's at the time (u had the Fernando's logo on ur shirt). When we were putting groceries in the car, u passed by us in a black Honda civic with writings on the back glass and side windows. I don't know if u even remember the incident and I'm sorry that I didn't post this sooner, but dude if u r still around and remember and r interested hit me up man! Ive been thinking about u ever since and been trying to find out who u were. Hopefully ur still around the area.

The “casting a wide net” approach

Wowwwzers Walmart harahan – m4w – 26 (Walmart harahan 11 oclock hr)

Wow, I was just in walmart on my lunch break at eleven oclock. Blk guy, business casual. And seen some very very very beautiful women there. White and black. If anybody was there at that time send me a msg and lets connect!


Either this guy has no standards or the America’s Next Top Model contestants had some sort of challenge where they were given $25 and 10 minutes to buy outfits at Walmart. “Wowwwzers.” Isn’t that what Inspector Gadget says? Lol. This craigslist post will self-destruct. Go go Gadget…