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Lost in Translation

Walmart (washington BLVD) – m4w (Baltimore

Date: 2012-05-13, 8:12PM EDT

I met you in the counter around 7:30pm today, you are the counter 2 and I’m in 1. White beautiful woman with pink shirt and wears mini brown short. Our eyes meet for like 3/4 times. I was about to say “hi” to you but I don’t know how to approach ^_^. I’m asian guy as you think. I posted this because I’m wondering if I can call you and more. If it is you, please tell me my shirt color so that I would know that it’s really you. You diffidently catches my attention and I can marry you now the next morning.

i can marry you now the next morning


I saw the sign

sunday morning – m4w – 49 (walmart carroll island)

Our paths crossed 3 times.we laughed and you asked if this was a sign.I was checking you out.let’s get together.


Her asking you if that was a sign was your sign to ask her out!

Was there only one there that day?

Walmart glance – m4w – 32 (Waldorf)

This goes out to the slender woman shopping at walmart today. Our eyes met twice and I didn't have courage to say hello. But I wanted to. (Can you blame me? What woman wants to approached while she's shopping??)

Walmart snob. Go to Starbucks!

Dark hair and red shorts, saw you on my way out of Walmart – w4m – 22 (Owings mills)

We crossed paths by the carts at the exit at the Owings Mills Walmart (by Sams club) I had a flowery dress on and pixie short hair. A good looking fellow like you was a welcome site after cruising through crowds of 'Walmart people'. I also saw you loading a big box into your SUV outside the entrance as I drove away. Just wanted you to know you're very cute. But you probably already know that 🙂


omg. I think I might hate this girl.

That’s what we’re missing. Psychics.

Dark Red Lady – m4w – 41 (Eldersburg)

Last month we met briefly in Walmart. I know, not the classiest place but I needed some batteries and they are cheap there. I was walking down a main aisle and saw you riding a large tricycle in a side aisle. That made me happy and I told you so. You were burned into my brain. I’ve looked for you since, always hoping to run into you again. I want to know you.

I’m a bit intuitive and know that you are an amazing person, ethereal, child like, beautiful, inside and out. I’ve never been bit like this by a stranger, but there was really something special about you, almost magical, other worldly. You had straight very long dark red hair that was almost a mahogany colour, you wore boots and for some reason I think you like “hello kitty.” 🙂 Please find me.