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5/15..u work for Coke-Cola – w4m (boonville)

Date: 2012-05-16, 7:08AM CDT
Reply to:

u drive for above company..i seen u at business n town n did watch u after i got outside of the business me n u was at..
dam, mitey fine u was…i havew noticed u bfor at wally world, like bfor may of last year…


dam mitey fine u was


Some thankfulness for the week of Thanksgiving

Paid for our items S.Walmart – m4w (Springfield,Mo)

Date: 2012-07-25, 12:43PM CDT
Reply to:

It was about 10:30am at the south side walmart.I was with my mom and you was with your two kids.We was behind you in paid for our left before we could say Thank you.Thank You very much who ever you are.It’s very rare to see that kind of kindness from people.

 • Location: Springfield,Mo
 • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

thank you

Yeah. You’re the Cat Lady.

3 cats/Walmart-Sedalia – w4m (Sedalia/Walmart)

Date: 2012-07-14, 5:05PM CDT
Reply to:

I met you briefly at Walmart in Sedalia. I wish I had given you my number, but I got shy. You know who I am by the Post Title.

• Location: Sedalia/Walmart
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

(ear)(obviously)(what else would I be talking about)(not your nose, elbow, rib cage, knee, ankle, bronchial tubes, or intervertebral discs)

Hot guy in brown coat pierced upper ear – m4m – 25 (Walmart on 350 Raytown)

Long shot were waiting in the check out line (garden area) in walmart behind me (i was wearing green plaid shorts and green aero shirt) with your two girlfriends. Your friend made fun of a song you quoted/statred to sing and I laughed, which you commented on. You're really cute and would like to get to know you more! You have short hair, pierced upper cartlage (ear) and wore a brown coat and sandals. We saw eachother again when leaving; you got in the backseat of the car (she drove a Saturn Vue). You all followed me out....if this is you, let me know what color or vehicle i was driving.


This is the guy who takes forever to tell a story because he’s always interrupting himself with the not important side information, e.g. “So Peggy, you know, the girl from accounting, the one who spends too much time in the bathroom? Well, she was eating lunch at Johnny’s Cafe – she was having a tuna melt. Oh my god, doesn’t she just seem like a tuna melt person? She probably makes them for dinner every night. Anyway, she was eating alone – I’ve never seen her eat with anyone. Have you? Ok, so she was eating alone. I was standing in line – I was totally hoping to get a chocolate chip cookie! There were only two left and there were like five people in front of me in line. So, I’m standing in line and you know how the line, if it’s long enough, starts to stretch out past the tables? Well, I was standing kind of near her table, which is how I knew she had a tuna melt, and she looked up at me and said, “Hi Joe!” I did not even know she knew my name. Isn’t that crazy?”

Couldn’t have titled it better myself

Where else?  Walmart Fri – m4w – 50 (South Belt)

You were not wearing a ring, and your selections appeared single style.
You smiled sweetly for an extended bit, but then didn't look back to catch me winking at you.
You know we could sit here and watch a movie or something, I'll let you bring the Orvill Redenbackers.
And yes the music selection did stink.
You should reply with my distinctive color of shirt to assure me it was you.

If there’s anything us girls learned from Back to the Future it’s that the best way to get a guy is to run him over

Maplewood Walmart – m4w – 35 (St. Louis)

Dear bitch that almost ran me over in the Wal-Mart parking lot,

I noticed you weren’t wearing a wedding band as I f*cking dove out of the way. I really didn’t have a choice BUT to dive out of the way. I’m assuming, because you were on your cell phone, you were either:

1. Pissed at your boyfriend.
2. Your pill dealer wouldn’t answer.
3. Your pill dealer is your boyfriend which means you are doubly  screwed.

Either way, you were pretty fucking hot (just kidding about the pills) and I would be willing to forgive and forget the attempted fucking murder of me by you for a crack at that ass.

Drop me a line if you are interested in repentance.

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