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Me Tarzan. You Girl in Walmart.

pretty sure this is tarzan


He’s “this” close to referring to himself in the third person

Super Walmart Garden Department – m4w – 30 (Vineland)

Yesterday I was in doing some shopping getting stuff for My kids for Easter.  You opened up a second register and I was your first customer. When I laid eyes on you, you took My Breath away.  You first rung up My kids new bikes then Mine, you commented that you liked the bike. As I looked you over, I thought how beautiful you were, that shy smile, with beautiful full lips.  I think you might have been in to Me as well you seemed to be having a hard time making eye contact with Me. Had My mother not have come along with Me to shop, I probably would have stayed and talked to you, I can't stop thinking about you.  You had a great body, great smile, beautiful hair-do, and that tattoo made Me wonder if you have any others.  If you think this is you, reply with your name, and what My Bike looked like.


“Had my mother not have come along with me to shop, I probably would have stayed…” That’s a direct quote from Psycho, right?

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