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She thinks you’re cute when your sick?

WalMart Saratoga Pharmacy – w4w (Saratoga Springs, NY)

You are beautiful. I think you were sick, waiting for your prescription. You looked so cutely pathetic while you waited.


Contact her!


Hail? Shit?

BROCKPORT WALMART garden dept. 4/16 – m4w – 999 (Spencerport,NY)

I feel you will never see this, but to the stunning brunette in the garden department today I desperately wanted to say something more to you, but didn’t want to be “that guy”. I would be very interested in talking, hope you share the thought. So I know it’s you, fill in the blank. I said “was there a _____ storm in here”


I like this guy…

Stunning…. – m4w (Queensbury Walmart)

Hmm….I’ve never done this and do not expect a response. But I feel compelled to tell the World Wide Web that I saw the most stunning woman at Walmart. (It sounds like the beginning to a very poor novel, yes?) Like a scene from Seinfeld we did a bit of a cart-dance as we headed towards eachother in the condiments isle. (I’m not sure if it was the condiments isle, but it would be if Jerry or Elaine were in the scene.) We happened to leave at the same time and, true to the comedic episode that I’m penning here, I passed you as you got into your Benz and I schlepped my goods into my (very clean!) bare-bones Toyota.

I would high-five the man in your life if I had the chance. He. Is. Lucky.


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I am a single guy and not a crazy person but…

Blonde in Green — w/frontend damage – m4w – 40 (Walmart Brockport)

I am looking for a women I saw in the Brockport Walmart on Sunday March 25. She has long blonde hair about 5’2 in her 40’s you had on jeans and gray boots with fur. You were with a teenage girl about 16 with long dark red hair I will assume this is your daughter. You were laughing and joking and I saw you a few times in the store. And over by the pet food she was joking with you and gave you a little shove as I walked by and you said you didn’t know her. And I laughed, you have the prettiest blue eyes especially when you laugh. I wanted to talk to you I saw you didn’t have a ring on your hand but your daughter was there.

I checked out fast to see what kind of car you drove so I could see what way you headed. I am 5’11 w/dark brown hair and a little gray. You spoke to me by the pet section I would love to meet for a cup of coffee. If anyone knows who this is please also respond it’s important that I get to at least meet her. I am a single guy and not a crazy person but her laughter and those blue eyes have been stuck in my mind.

I have the whole license plate but will only give the the first 3 of it. “ESN” she drives a late model 4 door dark green saturn with frontend damage on the drivers side. Please email me withthe last 4 numbers of the plate so I know it’s her.


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car car car car car

Lowville Walmart – w4m

I saw you today sitting in your car as I was putting my groceries in my car you had a white car I’m unsure of the make or model because I was looking at you. You got out of the car to help a lady with her groceries….guessing it was your mom…….you are so beautiful………you also had military stickers on your car…..if this was you…what time was it around and send me an email……


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Starbucks missed connections. They’re just not the same.

STARBUCKS MISSED CONNECTIONS ARE all about brand names, exercise, dogs, luxury cars, technology, and business meetings. Here are a few with some of those elements.

Starbucks Belmont April 10th – m4w (belmont)

You were wearing black workout pants and Nike workout shoes. Tall girl sitting near the leather chairs with MAC and I-phone. I had a meeting to get to, otherwise I would have said hey. Please reach out. Would love to meet you!!


9:30am Norwalk Starbucks, silver mercedes, green top, black skirt – m4w – 40 (Norwalk / Main st)

Maybe I will get lucky but I must say, saw you walking in and out of the Starbucks in Norwalk, about 9:30am and all I can say is stunning. You had a black skirt on, silver mercedes, than you took off on the Super 7. Wow....


OK, this next one is pretty good…

Starbucks-Bronx river road – w4m – 27 (Fleetwood)

To the Guy who was starring at my feet in Starbucks. I hope you liked the show. I couldn't be TOO obvious, because I was with my boyfriend. I like the way you reacted when I would show you my feet. I could tell you were enjoying it. In fact, that time you got up to go to the bathroom, I could see just HOW MUCH you were enjoying the show.

I enjoyed our "little moment" and MIGHT consider doing more then just SHOWING you my feet, but I'm not sure. If you should ever happen to see this (1 in a million), tell me what I was wearing and what book you were reading.

I'm intrigued...but nervous



…but doesn’t a foot fetish sound like such a Starbucks person kind of thing?

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