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To catch a predator?

Walmart Love – m4w (Sevierville)

I saw you in Walmart with your daughter. I had just gotten off of work, and I’ve seen you there before. You were alone looking at ear rings, and your blonde hair captivated me. Your daughter had the same blonde hair, she was so cute. I talked to her while she was in the buggy, you turned around and seemed startled. I’m sorry, but nothing would make me happier than to see you and your beautiful daughter again. I told you I had a girlfriend with one on the way, but I lied because I didn’t know what to say. You were so beautiful. I slightly caught the scent of your perfume, it smelled so good. I hope to hear from you soon, please email me!

child molester2



STOCKER AT SIGNAL WAL-MART – m4m – 30 (Signal Mtn Wal Mart)
Date: 2012-07-09, 12:24AM EDT
Reply to:

You werestocking the candy isle tonight, look to be about 5’11” had on a cap….. you seemed to like to show off a little crack….. if you wanna get together send me an email and describe your cap to me…. would love to see you again.

 • Location: Signal Mtn Wal Mart
 • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

stocking krackle

Ménage à Theology

Long Black Robe – m4w – 34 (West Knox)

Date: 2012-06-29, 11:57PM EDT
Reply to:

i saw you today in walmart when my cart accidently hit yours. I noticed
a car seat in the front of the cart as I turned into the aisle next yours.
You smiled at my child and I thought that was cute. then I laughed
and you laughed and I thought you were adorable with your lond black
robe. I want you to know that my wife and I enjoy threesomes and
we like women from different countries. Email me I would lov to c
you and that black robe again

• Location: West Knox
• it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

long black robe

Thick Girls, You Make Wally World Go Round

Thick girls in East TN – m4w – 40 (Newport, Morrisville)

Date: 2012-05-22, 11:33AM EDT
Reply to:

I was in Newport, shopping at Walmart last night, and was impressed by all the pretty thick girls walking around. A nice tall blonde one got my attention, and stalked and winked through the aisle, but her two teenage kids with her made me a little uneasy. How do you approach a pretty girl with her teenage kids standing there? Oh well, I thought I’d post here, and maybe she would reply, or some other sexy curvy girls might. So hit me up! I’ll send a pic to ANYONE who sends me one. Full body, not hiding anything. I am attractive, virile and have a great job, great car, plenty of my own money and just want to treat a curvy girl right.

thick girls

A discreet friendship

Ooltewah Wal-Mart, We made a visual connection/smile? Sat 4/14 – m4w (Ooltewah)

Saturday we were in the Ooltewah Wal-Mart. We were in the food section and you sorta caught me noticing your body/looks (how could I not, lol) on more than one pass-by. I’m a middle aged man, I was with my wife and you smiled at me. You were med height, pretty smile, nice eyes and I believe dark hair. If you’d possibly like to strike-up a discreet friendship first please let me know. I’d so like to hear from you.


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It ain’t stalking if you’re talking!

An Ode to Arrogance and Utter Awesomeness – m4w – 25 (Alcoa)

We met at that place… you know the one. Your sheer awesomeness astounded me. In my opinion you are the second most awesome person I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Second only because I frequently talk to myself. Were things different I would stalk the holy living sh!t out of you, and you would be like wOoHoO my stalker is effin amazing I am so lucky. But, alas things are the way they are… so we will just talk. Because it ain’t stalking if you’re talking.

LOL and now you have been a missed connection. You’re welcome.

Cheers and Oi!

He Who Cannot Be Named.


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Just a tip for the guys…

WALMART- Turkey Creek- Monday night (3/19) about 10 – m4w – 34 (Kmoxville)

You have long red-colored hair that appears to be artificially colored. You had a nose ring and were wearing a short skirt or shorts with little flowers all over them and what appeared to be black boots. You were with the guy with a bushy beard who was WAY too ugly for you. He couldn’t keep his hands off you and I don’t blame him. I was just imagining it was me… I was the tall guy who you passed a couple of times with the blue shirt and c ap and we traded a few long glances. You were the stunningly beautiful and had a sexy energy about you. Please get back to me and lets talk…….


…don’t call out the dye job.