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p.p.s. And for stalking you.

To the angel in the Walmart parking lot – m4w – 24 (Washington)

Date: 2012-05-28, 7:32PM MDT

I was pulling into a parking spot on Wednesday afternoon (about 5) when I almost hit you with my Ford. I stopped just in time to let you pass. You were wearing a black shirt. I opened the door as you muttered something under your breath loud enough for me to hear. I kept my distance behind you because you were so beautiful when you were angry I couldn’t help but watch. You walked through the store daring not to stop, trying to lose me. Then, finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you turned on me and yelled something. If this is you please message me. Tell me what you told me and I will know for sure.

p.s. Sorry for trying to kill you.




Or Myspace or or google

Talked to you for a minute at walmart, think your name-tag said — – m4w – 27 (Payson)

You checked me out at walmart today and I thought you were cute. I think your name is ---, but I couldn't find you on facebook. Hit me up, I'd love to take you out sometime.

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