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This guy is sweating caffeine

shaws randolph – m4w – 20 (vermont)

Date: 2012-04-04, 11:46AM EDT
Reply to:

—– the cashier,
you were really nice and quick for a shaws cashier no offense, very good job, even if it took that old lady 20 minutes to figure out what was going on it made me worry if i was going to make it to class so sorry if i couldnt talk for a little longer, i was the guy in the blue plad shirt behind her and her grandson or whatever, you made it pretty clear you wanted me to know your name but i didnt return mine for some odd reason i guess i wasnt thinking about that you said the name is on the top of the reciept you made it sound like it was for that survey thing but you dont need the cashiers name for the survey. i would like for you to be my insider acquaintance/friend to help fuel my vitamin water habit. as you may have noticed i bought 4 of them along with some pickles and stuff but that’s besides the point. i need you to tell me whenever they do that 10 for 10 deal at the Randolph shaws its the best darn deal on the planet, i am currently trying to quit mountain dew which i am very addicted to but i need a side fix in this case something healthy not cancer in a bottle like dew, of course along with that you may have to check me out with over 30 bottles of the stuff so yea….. im sorry if im being to forward there but i need this i need you to do this for me it may or may not sound like im using you but im not i just would like an easier way to find out the deal and have someone nice to talk to in the process. and hey if things go well we may become buddies


p.s. you are cute and have a sunny disposition i like that in a girl


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