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Stewie Strikes Again


Walmart parking lot Charleston West Virginia July 4 morning – m4w (Charlestown West Virginia)


Date: 2012-07-05, 8:46AM EDT
Reply to:

You were walking out of Walmart at the Charlestown store blonde hair blue jean shorts flour top you look fabulous me I was tall dark and with my mommy taking her to get her groceries contact me let’s have a fun time together




I wonder why he left

Mike —– I had Your Baby! – w4m – 30 (Huntington, WV)

Date: 2012-06-08, 6:51PM EDT
Reply to:

We dated in the fall of 2010 and you just disappeared! I need you to get ahold of me because I still have some of your stuff in my apartment. I had a few too many glasses of wine about 6 months ago and threw your clothes out the widow. I tried to burn them in my sink with liter fluid but it set off the smoke detectors and I had to grab the flaming mess with my cooking tongs and throw it out the window. Some of the smoke stained the walls and now the apartment manager says he wont refund my damage deposit! I hold you responsible being that they were YOUR clothes! So, you owe me 250.00. But I still have your collection of vinyl disco records from the 70’s, your Pink Floyd poster, 2 Zippos, and your book about parrots. OH, and by the way… the puppy we got from the shelter together had a litter of pups. I gave all of them away except one (our baby) because it reminds me of you because he is really hairy, crashes on the couch, and stuffs socks under the bed. His name is Ziggy Stardust and he is yours, so pick him up (I cant afford to feed 2 dogs because my job is a crapshoot). Email me and tell me what color scarf I was wearing when we danced on the roof of my apartment.



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I don’t know why this one made me laugh