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The woman who lives in my house

after the connection


So. Shoplifter.

Saw you at Walmart – m4w – 38 (Black River Falls)

Date: 2012-06-30, 10:09PM CDT
Reply to:

You parked next to me and I couldn’t help but be amazed! You went in dressed one way and came out wearing a different top. Was that a wave as I drove past you? If so, I’d love to hear from you. If you read this, respond by telling me your car model and the color of the top you were wearing when you went in!

Ok. Now I can’t get John Denver out of my head.

Wally World – w4w – 39 (Sheboygan)

You have long curly hair, stylin’, and have a unique voice. We had a short conversation in the on sale shoe section at wally world on Saturday. Reply with what we chatted about. I was with someone (family). I have long hair and glasses. If you are interested get back to me here. I want to taste your mountain peaks and explore your well groomed valley.

Luckily those are in aisle 7

cute red head at walmart parking lot thursday – m4w (Rhinelander)

I’m looking for the cute Red headed lady that was in Wal-Mart parking lot about noon on Thursday 12/19. i was getting out of a green van we looked at each other I wanted to say hi but the cat got my tong. If you would like to get to know each other let me know.


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Call Me Maybe

Needing You Desperatly – mm4mm – 24 (Allouez, WI)

We were in rival gangs, we were dancing and snapping towards each other. One guy yelled, “Maria!”, and it was on! But through all the chaos of the Broadway-like street fighting, we connected eyes. It’s as if I could see into your soul. It was love at first sight of your Glee sweatshirt. A week after the fight, I swear I saw you at Planned Parenthood. I was outside protesting abortion, and you were walking out with a shameful look on your face. But you know what they say, Opposites Attract. I love you. I know this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?


Hot Stud in the Denny’s Potty – m4m – 21 (Airport Denny’s)

Hot dark haired guy with the medium build and black shirt and cargo shorts in the Denny’s bathroom. I just met you, and this is crazy, I should’ve given my number, so you could call me maybe. And even though these other boys try to chase me, I still should’ve given you my number so call me maybe… If you read this, You should call me maybe because before you came into my life I missed you so bad. I missed you so, so bad. Reply with what I was wearing, and I’ll give you my number so you could call me maybe.



I took your nose one night… – w4w (Milwaukee, Wi)

One night when we first met… I took your nose. You were a little freaked out at first, but you left without asking for your nose back. I’ve had it sitting under my mattress since then and I want to know if you’d like it back.. If not I am going to sell it for $12.50 OBO.

It’s a pretty nose, don’t leave that shit unattended.

If you ever see this, call me maybe… For your nose.


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How do you know she wasn’t?

Walmart, Sunday around 5:30..white dress – m4w – 35 (hwy 100 / layton)

You were in front of in line Sunday around 5:30pm with your daughter who was maybe 2 years old? I made a comment how she was stumbling around like a little was cute.
You had on on a beautiful, sexy white dress that fit you perfectly!
If it's you, please get back to me and tell me what you were there to buy.


Ha ha ha! Drunk kids are so cute.

I’d like to make it with you


I know I’m totally dating myself, but I love the band Bread. The Best of Bread is the best album. And, Make it With You might be the best of The Best of Bread. Although, I do love Diary. So maybe Make it With You is the second best of The Best of Bread.

But, this poor lady. I totally understand. There is SO. MUCH. BREAD. Forget about the artisan bread in the bakery section. Just the standard bread section alone. The bread wall. It is so big. And there is so much. There’s whole wheat, cracked wheat, sprouted wheat,┬ástone ground, multi-grain, twelve grain, ten grain, nine grain, seven grain, oat nut, honey wheat berry, white, big white, thin white, buttermilk, honey, milk & honey, potato, split top…and that’s just wheat and white. You can get sucked into a bread daze when you’re either trying to decide which one you want or simply find the one you know you want. In fact, the bread aisle would be a great place to supplant subliminal messages…your already halfway hypnotized. Jesus, you could probably get a person to do anything. Scary.