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p.p.s. And for stalking you.

To the angel in the Walmart parking lot – m4w – 24 (Washington)

Date: 2012-05-28, 7:32PM MDT

I was pulling into a parking spot on Wednesday afternoon (about 5) when I almost hit you with my Ford. I stopped just in time to let you pass. You were wearing a black shirt. I opened the door as you muttered something under your breath loud enough for me to hear. I kept my distance behind you because you were so beautiful when you were angry I couldn’t help but watch. You walked through the store daring not to stop, trying to lose me. Then, finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you turned on me and yelled something. If this is you please message me. Tell me what you told me and I will know for sure.

p.s. Sorry for trying to kill you.




Walmart + Parking Lot = Crazy

you caught me at walmart. your so crazy – m4w – 33 (huber heights)

This was the most crazy moment i have ever been a part of.
I was a walmart in the parking lot. I was just out of work. I had to pee so bad. I started urinating in between two cars when u caught me.

This is were it got weird!!. You started laughing then you ran up to me and started high fiving my urine stream. I was in shock. Then you start running back and forth through it like it was a sprinkler. What the hell is wrong with you? You were a pretty, thirtyish white women. You ran off and said a famous line from a tv cartoon. I cant stop thinking of you.

What did u say when you ran off.

I wanna take care of you

Posted: November 2013


cant be real

Sincerely, The guy you met in the Walmart parking lot who was an a-hole and dumped you

Walmart parking lot – m4w

Date: 2012-06-01, 5:20PM EDT
Reply to:

We met little while ago at walmart in the parking lot. We talked, fooled around some and I really really liked you a lot. But honestly I had a lot of just bad shit happen all at once that turned me life upside down and my mind kind of pushed everything away and I pushed you away also and I didnt realize it. Plus Im not used to liking someone and I think part of my brain didnt want to like you to avoid being hurt. So just I was an asshole for pushing you away and I apologize for it. I dont expect you to but Id like a second chance with you and I promise I wont run off again. Id like to pick back up and try again.

 If this is you tell me something about us meeting so I know its really you.


met in parking lot

A Man Dancing In A Banana Suit

Dancing Banana – w4m – 21 (Cottage Hill)

Date: 2012-09-25, 10:38PM CDT

I saw you last week on my way home dancing in a banana suit on the side of Cottage Hill by Hillcrest in front of the walmart shopping center. You were out there again today.
You just seem like you are an outgoing person and I’d love to get to talk to you and see what you are really like. Its a long shot but maybe you or someone you know will see this.
Send me a message. I drive by around 5:30pm.

    Location: Cottage Hill
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

dancing banana

An accident scene and a sexy blouse

I rear Ended you Wal mart Parking Lot): – m4w – 45 (grand rapids (Wal Mart))

Date: 2012-05-31, 10:06PM EDT
Reply to:

I accidently rear ended your car in the parking lot, you had a blue ford focus sedan. I wanted to appoligize by taking you out for dinner., but I knew you were upset. I tried sweeping up all of your light lenses and I felt bad watching ur car get towed away. I’m recently unemployed otherwise I wouldve defiently paid for the damages right then and there. I was in a rush to get home to the kids and I really need to get the brakes checked in my van. IM SORRY. you were wearing the sexy blouse, and you had a cart load of groceries. Respond by what I was wearing at the scene. Maybe it’s not too late?

i felt bad

Yay for proper comma usage!

Wal-mart parking lot – m4w (Jc)

This past week you left a letter on my truck saying ” your sexy, ford sucks” I want to know who left the note. Put color of my truck in the subject line so I know your real.


your sexy ford sucks

I just love that there is a road called Possum Run…and there is a Walmart on it.

Florida girl – m4w – 26 (Wal mart on possum run)

Date: 2012-05-01, 3:35PM EDT
Reply to:

We talked for a minute while you were putting your stuff in the car, would like to talk more with you, you said you just moved back from Florida. You had a black car, tell me what kind it was and the year you graduated so I know it’s you

i just love that theres a walmart on possum run