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You had me at “mean dog that lives in your bedroom”

how come – m4m – 42 (panama city)

i often look on missed connections to see if someone is trying to get up with me but just doesnt know how to.surely someone out there in the real world has seen me and maybe wonders what it would be like to go out with a nice person,not bad looking i drive a very nice car in fact i have several,but you wouldnt know that if you saw me in the dog food section at walmart.yes i have a dog in fact i have several of them to,in fact more of them then i have cars.if you try to meet up with me i will give you one,dog i mean not cars,you can have your pick except for the mean one that lives in my bedroom,he trys to bite me every day before i go to work,i have had him for over 10 years and he still tries to bite me go figure.i am a nice person so if you think you saw me somewhere let me know like i said i spend a lot of time at walmart,the callaway one not the one in lynn haven or the beach,i also have a sams card but you wouldnt know that unless we went out on a date and asked me.that would be to personal to ask on the first date so we would at least have to have 2 dates before you found that probably think i am kinda weird and maybe yes i am but if you think this is weird wait till you get to know me,but you would have to see me out in public somewhere and forget who i was and then come here to find me.i also go to books a million and toys are us sometimes so you might have spotted me there if you did see me there and you thought it was me and you want to hook up here i am.i only go out with young guys straight or gay i dont care just as long as i go if you havnt seen me and want to i cant tell you where i am going to be because i dont even know half the time.oh and by the way i like chinese food a lot,the chinese restaurant in the mall is good but the last time i was there they got my order wrong and wouldnt take it back so i probably wont be going there amymore so dont look for me there.if you see me out in public and want to know if it is really me just walk up to me and ask i will tell you.thanks


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You had me at “face tattoo and walks with a cane”

Tattoo’d face – w4m (ramsey st walmart fay)

u walked w/ a cane in the garden center saw u about a week or so ago...u had a tattoo on ur face(tell me where)....i need to know the meaning! was going to ask but i was to shy...

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You had me at “cake and orange juice”

I bought cake and orange juice – m4w – 25 (Waterford Walmart)

You were the cashier in a 20 items or less lane at the Waterford Super WalMart at around 5:45 on Thursday Feb 16. You had red hair and a nose piercing. I bought Juice and cake mix.

I liked your personality and charisma.

I am NOT looking for a relationship. I am happily in one already. I am always looking for new friendships. I like playing board games

If you remember me, lets get in touch.

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You had me at “You all look alike to me.”

Sunday night… – m4w – 20 (Walmart in the foothills)

Well this is a long shot, but here we go....

Sunday night around 10ish I was as walmart getting random junk.  You were working there, we passed by each other in the "home" area/department.  I wanted to say something, but I guess I was to shy.  Then again when I was paying you were there and again I didn't say anything.  I thought you were really pretty, well all girls are pretty, but you just caught my attention.

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