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Spider Position

They all suck! – m4w – 27 (Hillsdale)

Date: 2012-06-01, 1:11 AM EDT

I know you’ll never read this since “The personals on Craigslist are for hookers!”

Since I know you won’t see this I feel comfortable in stating two things…

1. I still despise you. When I saw you at the beach I…whatever. You’re a wench! And your new “friend” is older than I am! Perhaps he should not be dressed like a member of the Wu-Tang Clan!

2. I’ve yet to find a woman good enough in bed to even come close to your performances. It’s seriously bothering me, too! I actually found myself fantasizing about you last night while screwing a woman I met at Wal-Mart. Worse part was I tried getting her into your “Spider Position” and…nevermind.

So. in closing I’m still mad you screwed me over and hope your vagina develops blisters, and your breasts give you back problems! I’m also angry that no woman is as good in the sack as you…

Screw it. I need sleep and to sober up a bit.


spider position2



An accident scene and a sexy blouse

I rear Ended you Wal mart Parking Lot): – m4w – 45 (grand rapids (Wal Mart))

Date: 2012-05-31, 10:06PM EDT
Reply to:

I accidently rear ended your car in the parking lot, you had a blue ford focus sedan. I wanted to appoligize by taking you out for dinner., but I knew you were upset. I tried sweeping up all of your light lenses and I felt bad watching ur car get towed away. I’m recently unemployed otherwise I wouldve defiently paid for the damages right then and there. I was in a rush to get home to the kids and I really need to get the brakes checked in my van. IM SORRY. you were wearing the sexy blouse, and you had a cart load of groceries. Respond by what I was wearing at the scene. Maybe it’s not too late?

i felt bad

Care for a TMI, divorced, crazy, 30 year old mother of one?

Pharmacist Intern at walmart on hallrd .. – w4m – 30 (macomb)

Date: 2012-05-17, 6:41PM EDT
Reply to:

I’ve seen you a few times and I think you are ad very cute. look up xxxx and you will find me in the system .. but im not crazy ( I take some meds as you can see) if you ever read this get back with me . your to cute and Im wondering if you are single? care for a divorced 30 yr old mother of one ?

but im not crazy

Let’s hear it for the MILFS!

Walmart in Livonia, you are a hot mom – m4w (Walmart on 7mile & middlebelt)

We were both standing around the 5 dollar movie bin at Walmart, you were with another woman. Not to sound like an ass hole, but you are a total milf, and if you want to hook up, just send me an email.

Blond milf broadway Walmart – m4w – 32 (Garland)

Well here goes a long shot. You were getting out of your car and had the radio jamming some good rock. I was getting into my blue car(6', grey shirt, young, fit)and we made eye contact. You had short blond hair with some red in the back. Nice body!! I would love for you to be my first milf, hope to hear from you!

Hillsboro Walmart – m4w (Hillsboro)

Older MILF. Saw you yesterday with short shorts in grocery section. Your body was rockin. Wanted to approach you, but you seemed preoccupied . Saw you first near bakery, later picking out meat and then down an aisle. Contact me if you are DTF and tell me the color of your shorts so I will know it was you.

Feel good missed connection #1

Today is Mother’s Day – and my birthday – so in honor of those occasions (especially the latter) I thought I’d post a feel good missed connection…


65 cents at the Henry st. Walmart – w4t – 24 (Walmart, Hentry st.)

Hello to whomever reads this. This evening around 7:45pm I went to the henry st walmart to hopefully buy a can of formula for my five month old daughter. I knew going in that IF I had enough money on my debit card to buy this i’d be very lucky. I have my card set up so that it will not overaw, but take whatever is in the account and apply it to the purchase. It turned out that my card would pay for all but 65cents. I went to my car to get it.

When I came back, I found that someone behind me had paid for it. THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. I’ll confess, I have no idea WHO you are. I don’t know if you’re a man or woman. As you no doubt heard, I am not having a good day. I’m extremely sorry if you heard me saying anything innappropriate on the phone to my mother. I’m having a god awful day.

I want to tell why my day is so horrible. Because I want you to know that I might never forget this random act of kindness, and even though this person may never see this, and I only created an account on craigslist because of this event, I appreciate this.

Today is my birthday. I am 24. I work a lot, I don’t go out, and I take care of my daughter. Lately, my boyfriend and I have been missing our bills and to be honest, I’m not sure why the electric is still on or why our phones aren’t turned off.

This week my boyfriend spent our bill money and any extra money we bad on having fun and alcohol. This was not approved by myself, you understand.

My mother asked me to go with her to my favorite restruant tonight. When I told my boyfriend, he asked if he could go. But we have no extra money (and to be honest, we have a half of a loaf of bread and some noodles in the cupboards and that’s it) and my mother didn’t have the extra cash to pay for him also. So he made it very clear that if I went, he will be angry and pissy when I came back. So I cancelled.

This was the start of my day and since then, its only gotten worse. At the moment, I’m tell him that we are through. There is of course many reasons for this, not just the ones listed here.

My father also wanted to stop over, but because of theaatmosphere in the house I had to tell him no.

I have been going without food, without sleep, and the other day during my lunch at work I had an honest to god panic attack, couldn’t stop crying, but had to go back to work anyway. Because we can’t afford to lost the 2 and a half hours more that I was scheduled. I told my boss I had a headache.

Your 65 cents was my first and only birthday present. Not that I expect presents at 24 years old, but it would have been nice to eat tonight since my mom was going to bring me out when she doesn’t even really have the money to do it.

I cried the whole way out of walmart and all the way home.

Thank you. Thank you for being so nice. I’m sorry I didn’t notice you at all. I wish I could personally thank you. This is the best I can do. I know there’s good people out there, and I know that if you work hard then you don’t have to be in these situations. Thank you for cementing my resolve to make mine and my daughters life better. That’s what your 65 cents did.

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I would’ve talked to you, but I had a bladder infection

the girl at walmart on henry – m4w – 28 (muskegon)

I saw you over by the cranberry pills lol but I thought you were gorgeous....we kept bumping into eachother and shared a laugh got in the checkout and I was behind you and I couldnt bring myself to even ask for your name and number because I didnt kI saw you over by the cranberry pills lol but I thought you were gorgeous....we kept bumping into eachother and shared a laugh got in the checkout and I was behind you and I couldnt bring myself to even ask for y but our name and number because I didnt kw if you even talk to black guys but I wish I wouldve said mlre.