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p.p.s. And for stalking you.

To the angel in the Walmart parking lot – m4w – 24 (Washington)

Date: 2012-05-28, 7:32PM MDT

I was pulling into a parking spot on Wednesday afternoon (about 5) when I almost hit you with my Ford. I stopped just in time to let you pass. You were wearing a black shirt. I opened the door as you muttered something under your breath loud enough for me to hear. I kept my distance behind you because you were so beautiful when you were angry I couldn’t help but watch. You walked through the store daring not to stop, trying to lose me. Then, finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you turned on me and yelled something. If this is you please message me. Tell me what you told me and I will know for sure.

p.s. Sorry for trying to kill you.




All things you can sprinkle on top of casseroles

Walmart on Wellesley around 12 last night – m4w – 25 (Spokane)

Date: 2012-06-03, 12:17PM PDT
Reply to:

You were the cute blonde buying cookies and cigarettes, I was the guy standing behind you buying bread and Doritos. I wanted to ask you out but you were gone by the time I paid for my stuff. I wonder if you’ll ever see this…

This Zombie’s Taken

Zombie decal on back window last week – m4w – 30 (B-town)

To the dark haired girl with a car full of kids… I seriously dig your confidence, and your smile. We both drove out of Fred Meyers and I followed you to AMPM. You kept smiling and laughing with another girl in your car. Dont know if the kids were yours, hers or if you were babysitting since you look too young to have kids anyways, but damn girl you are HOT. If you are single, hit me up. We could grab some beers and a zombie movie and get to know eachother.


Re: Zombie Decal on back window last week – m4w – 28 (Bakerview)

Sorry but I have been bitten by the sexiest zombie around. We have zombie babies!

Thanks for the compliment, my husband says he’s a very lucky man. 😉

GL with your hunt.

PS: don’t follow peoples its creepy :p


RE: zombie decal… – m4w (Bellingham)
Sorry dude, this zombie is taken. But I appreciate that you have noticed that I have the sexiest, most amazing wife 🙂 and yes, she is very hot… And I would do absolutely anything to make her happy. So, with that said I’m going to stop wasting my time on here and bring home a coffee and “Undead”

But good luck with your hunt, mines off limits.


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You stood back up and…

puyallup walmart – m4w – 30 (puyallup walmart)

i saw you at the puyallup walmart and was extremely turned on. i saw you bend over to reach something on the bottom shelf and was extremely trend on.


…I was extremely toned on?

Wherefore art thou Walmart Girl?

walmart girl! – m4w – 22 (kennewick walmart)

Casually entering the store, on a mission to find replacement shoe laces (damn dogs, always chewing up my laces!) I discovered a rare item in the tri cities… a beautiful woman. While strolling down an isle and pretending like i knew which section i was in, i happened to chance a look up. There, about 50 feet away, was her and her friend briskly floating down towards me. Should i play Joe cool? Should I say hello? INHALE! SUCK IN THAT GUT! She was nearly upon me (in my mind). In reality she was however getting closer. I chanced a nod, maybe a half smile. I have yet to feel out the vibe of the town as i had just moved here mere hours earlier. Oh Walmart girl… sigh… I continued on my search. Nope, wrong isle. Nope, wrong isle. Nope. Nope. Nopenopenope. Gasp! there she was again! Our eyes met with a strange awkwardness not alien to my senses. Continue search… Ah hah! Shoes… Shoes… Shoe polish… Shoe laces- and the correct size! Oh joyous day! I thought to myself i could also use a little whole grain in my life and heading to the bread section. Moments later, she revealed herself yet again, and again the strange flirtatious high school stare was shared between us for a moment… a flash in a pan. I decided i had experienced all this Walmart had to offer and headed for the checkout. While engaging in awkward small talk (so much awkwardness today!) with the cashier, i laid eyes upon the young lass whom I had grown to know as Walmart girl for a final time before exiting the premises. I hope we share future awkward glances and i hope you can read… Oh Walmart girl


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Doctor my eyes

Wal Mart Hottie – m4w – 28 (Mt. V Walmart)

To the gorgeous hottie who works at wal mart that has eye sex with me every time i go in there. Hit me up so we can take our eyes out of the equation. You know who I shirt yesterday.



Me: Femmullet

walmart cereal aisle – w4m – 24 (pullman walmart)

You: Jew Fro
Me: Blocking the cereal aisle with my cart talking to my friend. You were with a friend, and said you had blocked an aisle or two before. We thought you were cute and liked your hair. Never done one of these before, and thought it'd be funny to see if anyone answers.

To prove it was you, what color was my hair (or my friend’s, or both)