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Starbucks missed connections. They’re just not the same.

STARBUCKS MISSED CONNECTIONS ARE all about brand names, exercise, dogs, luxury cars, technology, and business meetings. Here are a few with some of those elements.

Starbucks Belmont April 10th – m4w (belmont)

You were wearing black workout pants and Nike workout shoes. Tall girl sitting near the leather chairs with MAC and I-phone. I had a meeting to get to, otherwise I would have said hey. Please reach out. Would love to meet you!!


9:30am Norwalk Starbucks, silver mercedes, green top, black skirt – m4w – 40 (Norwalk / Main st)

Maybe I will get lucky but I must say, saw you walking in and out of the Starbucks in Norwalk, about 9:30am and all I can say is stunning. You had a black skirt on, silver mercedes, than you took off on the Super 7. Wow....


OK, this next one is pretty good…

Starbucks-Bronx river road – w4m – 27 (Fleetwood)

To the Guy who was starring at my feet in Starbucks. I hope you liked the show. I couldn't be TOO obvious, because I was with my boyfriend. I like the way you reacted when I would show you my feet. I could tell you were enjoying it. In fact, that time you got up to go to the bathroom, I could see just HOW MUCH you were enjoying the show.

I enjoyed our "little moment" and MIGHT consider doing more then just SHOWING you my feet, but I'm not sure. If you should ever happen to see this (1 in a million), tell me what I was wearing and what book you were reading.

I'm intrigued...but nervous



…but doesn’t a foot fetish sound like such a Starbucks person kind of thing?

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